The Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Kappa Sigma “AAC” is a non-profit charitable corporation 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to facilitate opportunities for Alumni to share in the bonds of fellowship and aid one another in personal and professional endeavors through charity, in time and in money.

The chapter received its current charter from Nationals in the Spring of 2017 and provides ample opportunity for Kappa Sigma’s from all over the US who live in Atlanta to meet through social, professional and fraternal group settings.


On December 9, 1902, twenty-four Kappa Sigma alumni gathered to organize the Atlanta Alumni Chapter under the leadership of Ed Sutton. Ed was the father of The Caduceus of Kappa Sigma and Worthy Grand Scribe of Kapp Sigma.

On December 9, 1916 Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day was celebrated at the Capitol City Club. It was at this time that the tradition of weekly luncheons was first documented-held at 1pm on Saturdays. This tradition continued until 1985 – nearly seventy years!

The AAC hosted its first Kappa Sigma Man-of-the-Year banquet at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel on December 3, 1949 and by 1985, the loyal group of senior brothers who had met for lunch for so many years had begun to fall apart with illness and death and the chapter commenced a brief period of dormancy. Throughout its history the AAC has received the Outstanding Alumni Chapter in Kappa Sigma award four times.

Like the famous symbol of Atlanta, the Phoenix, this alumni chapter will never die-it may fade from time to time, but when enthusiastic alumni are motivated it always rises from the ashes and becomes stronger than ever!

Leadership Team

Kalin Foster

Kalin Foster

Grand Master
Bob Ganz

Bob Ganz

Grand Treasurer


Grand Scribe

Terry Thompson

Grand Master of Ceremonies